Hi Sean,

I'm glad you contacted me, because I would definitely like to commend Nikkea White and her assistant Michaela Thorn for their excellent work managing our renovation.

We are VERY happy with the results, and VERY impressed with how well this was handled by Nikkea and Michaela while we were hours away in Maryland! We started out thinking that we would have to hire a local contractor to oversee all the moving parts of our renovation - and we quickly realized that the added expense of a contractor would price us out of some of the things we wanted to accomplish with our cottage. We were almost at the point of cancelling our whole plan, but then we started talking directly with Nikkea and found that she was very willing to take on the contractor role, and we were so pleasantly surprised with how easy this made our lives!

In the scheme of all the renovations Kellogg does, ours was probably very small - just a beach box with a tiny kitchen. So we imagined that it could be a low priority, and we worried about our inability to be onsite and see what was happening. We also discovered that even though it was "small" there were many, many moving parts, and many various sub-contractors - plumber, electrician, floor installer, painter, cabinet installer, door installer, etc. etc. - actually even MORE than we anticipated. Having all these pieces handled by Kellogg, instead of using various other suppliers, proved to be the most economical and efficient way to handle the project. And what a RELIEF!! Nikkea stayed in close touch with us, and oversaw coordination of all of the sub-contractors. She sent us pictures and videos as the project progressed. She visited the cottage regularly, caught errors and corrected them before we were even aware of them. She was so conscientious and thoughtful about keeping us in the loop...I just can't say enough! Meanwhile, Michaela stayed on top of our charges so that the payment installations came as expected and there were no problems or surprises as far as costs.

We will definitely come to Kellogg in the future and recommend them to everyone we know. We are so pleased with our updated floors, doors, kitchen and bath...it's a whole new cottage!! And by doing this with Nikkea's help we were able to stay within budget and still get the quality of products that we hoped for.

Thank you so much - Kellogg, Nikkea and Michaela!!

Karyn Haasen